Immigration Consultants Toronto: Your Resource for New Community-Based Programs

Immigration Consultants Toronto: Your Resource for New Community-Based Programs

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In recent years, Canada’s immigration policies have become more regionally focused in an effort to address its demographic and labour market needs across the country. While this will not be Canada’s first program with the intention of spreading immigration throughout the country, the Municipal Nominee Program ( MNP ) is a notable one that has been promised by the Liberal Party of Canada, since 2019.

Although the program is still in its planning stages, it seems that the MNP might finally see the light of day and make smaller cities and towns more attractive to immigrants. In the early days of implementing the program, municipalities are likely to be selected based on existing labor shortages.

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A Brief Overview of the Municipal Nominee Program ( MNP)

What is the Purpose Behind the MNP?

Many immigrants choose to settle in each province’s largest cities. Consequently, smaller cities and towns continue to have difficulty attracting immigrants. The MNP’s goal is to help address this challenge, focusing primarily on improving retention through adequate job opportunities and a welcoming environment.

As the MNP is implemented, municipalities are anticipating filling labour shortages in Ontario, particularly in rural and northern regions where there is an acute need for workers.

How Will the MNP Benefit Canadians Who Apply for Permanent Residence?

The MNP offers great news for those looking to apply for permanent residence here in Canada; In fact, Marco Mendicino, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, has announced that at least 5,000 new permanent residence spaces will be set aside for it.

Those targeted regions chosen for the program will aid in ensuring newcomers can live affordably in our communities. Specifically there will be an emphasis on offering affordable housing, child care, and other critical support systems that are of high importance in helping immigrants feel welcome and at home.

Although Express Entry is a quick way to immigrate to Canada, it is incredibly competitive. Based on several factors, including one’s age, education, years of skilled work experience, proficiency in Canada’s official language, and others, Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns a score. Those who fail to meet the CRS cut-off will remain in the pool of candidates indefinitely.

Regional immigration programs such as what the MNP represents on the other hand, can help minimize concerns around these stringent requirements, as candidate selection will be focused on filling local demographic or labour gaps, supporting a more flexible approach to meet both the candidate and region’s needs.

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When Will the Program Launch?

Currently, no details are available about when the MNP will launch. The program still has a number of questions, such as how it will operate, what its eligibility criteria are, which municipalities will participate, and what role key players such as employers and immigrant-serving organizations will play.

Will the Program be Permanent or Pilot?

There are no details regarding the type of program available at this time. A pilot program, however, is expected, based on previous programs of similarity.  If this is true, it is expected that the IRCC will run the MNP for up to 5 years and process 2,750 applications per year.

IRCC would need to decide within the 5 year period whether to make the MNP permanent, which would need to be approved by Parliament.

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