Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada. Apply for super visa or parents and grand-parents sponsorship.

Parental Sponsorship and Super Visa:

In order to apply for parents and grand-parents sponsorship you need follow a step by step procedure:

  • Sponsor must submit an interest to sponsor form that can be completed online.
  • If your application is selected you will received an email with the Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency for your parent(s)/grand-parent(s)
  • You have 60 days to send your full submission by mail.
  • Once submission received, you will receive an application number and your file will be assessed for completeness, eligibility, and admissibility.

Who can become a Sponsor?

  • You must be at least 18 y.o , be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident or registered under Indian act; and reside in Canada at the time of application.
  • You have enough of financial support to sponsor your parents


If you don’t meet financial requirements you may also consider a super visa application or a regular visitor’s visa.

Super Visa for Parents and Grand-Parents

In order to qualify for this application, sponsor must be a Permanent Resident or a Canadian citizen or registered under the Indian Act, who meets the minimum Low Income Cut-Off (LICO).

In addition, your sponsor must present Notice of Assessment or T4/T1 for the most recent year, employment letter, and paystubs, bank statements and employment insurance stubs.

Your sponsor must provide you with an invitation letter that specified a promise of financial support for the length of your stay, the list and number of people in the household, and a copy of their document proving their status in Canada.

As a main applicant, you must have a medical insurance from a Canadian insurance covering at least 1 year from the date of entry

Spousal Sponsorship

If you are over 18 y.o and you are a Canadian citizen (or Permanent Resident or person registered under Indian Act), you may be eligible to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, or your conjugal partner as well as your dependent children.

You may apply to sponsor your Spouse if you are legally married, and if your spouse is 18 y.o or older.

You may apply to sponsor your Common-Law partner if your partner is 18 y.o or older and if you both resided together for more than 12 consecutive months in conjugal (marriage-like) relationship.

You mat apply to sponsor your Conjugal partner if your partner is 18 y.o or older and if you were in relationship for more than 1 year but due to certain circumstances couldn’t live together or marry each other (due to marital status, sexual orientation, persecution)

In order to have a successful sponsorship application you need to provide as many documents as possible proving your relationships status (this includes marriage certificate, proof of cohabitant relationship, etc.) as well as the proof of the following:

  • That your relationship is genuine (real and true)
  • That you are entering this relationship not in bad faith


In order to apply you need to fill out all the appropriate forms and collect all the required documents and mail the full submission to the visa office in Canada.

Dependent Children

You may also sponsor your depended children who are under 22 years old and they don’t have a spouse or common-law partner.

Children over 22 also may qualify as your dependants if they are unable to financially support themselves because of mental or physical condition.

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